Party Bus Vancouver

Your best choice for party buses in the Greater Vancouver Area

Looking for that memorable fun party that is unique and classy? You don't have to worry about the reception anymore. Let Pary Bus Vancouver, the industry leader in party buses, be your venue. Whether it be for a small formal gathering or a crazy party with friends and family, we can handle that for you with our top-of-the-line, classy, modern, and fully-equipped fleet of buses that will surely give your party the style and class.

The Pioneer

Since our inception, Party Bus Vancouver has been providing world-class, fun, and customer-tailored party buses in the greater Vancouver area. We are the pioneer in this side of the globe, giving us the right knowledge and equipment in meeting and even exceeding your party bus needs.

Our experience has made us the right choice for party buses in Vancouver. We know exactly the ins and out of the entire area and our chauffeurs know where to go and how to get to places of interests - night clubs, party houses, parks and playgrounds, and perfect family getaways.

From a fleet of three party buses, we have expanded to 10 party buses, each equipped with the necessary lighting and fixtures for varied party themes - be it for baptism, kiddie birthday party, wedding, family outing, male clubs, girls' night out, and a lot more.

Awards and Recognitions

Party Bus Vancouver has been a recipient of various awards and recognition due to the services we offer to clients. We know that each of our clients has different needs so we always work hard to tailor a bus for them, surpassing their expectations.

Because of our commitment to service quality and our passion in exceeding customer expectations, Party Bus Vancouver has been recognized and awarded by both the local government and various private organizations in Vancouver.

Customer Satisfaction

"We were looking for the right venue for our stag party and a friend suggested Party Bus Vancouver. We were hesitant at first but the way the staff at Party Bus Vancouver entertained us made us decide to try their service. Amazing! We had the best party of our life inside the Party Bus Vancouver." Bestfriends Robert Glover and Bill Richardson

"The interior design is so amazing that the girls thought they were in an exclusive all-female bar. Outstanding job. We will surely hold another party inside the Party Bus Vancouver." Sonia Jen Liu

"Party Bus Vancouver gave us a headache-free, hassle-free, and cost-effective transport for our family weekend outing. Can't wait to ride the beautiful bus again." Jake Adams, father of three wonderful kids